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How To De-Stress at Work

Work is stressful. There are no ifs, ands, or buts. We are constantly moving from task to task at work, and are often operating under time constraints. So, it is no wonder we get stressed. But, how do we stay calm in the midst of obstacles and office stress? Some of us are better equipped in handling stress. Maybe we can take a deep breath, and then be fine. But, others go from zero to panic mode in less than a minute. So, how can we unwind, or help a colleague unwind, when this happens?


Sometimes conflict can be avoided, or overcome, just by talking. If you, or a colleague, seems overwhelmed or upset, step into a side conference room, or go grab a coffee. Let them vent without judging, and ask questions only when they pause. If a manger seems overwhelmed, maybe offer to hold his/her calls for 10-15 minutes. Sometimes all we need is a few minutes of peace and quiet. If you are not sure how to help, ask. Just knowing someone is thinking of them can help.

Give Them Space

Some people want to talk it out, while others would prefer to be alone. It takes time to read signals and get an understanding of your colleagues preferences, so it will take some time. But, if a stressed out colleague is closing his/her door, or putting in headphones, they probably need some time to unwind, alone. Unless a matter is urgent, try to give them some space.

Shake It Out

Exercise is a great way to manage and relieve stress. Try starting office work out classes, or encouraging walking during lunch breaks. Even just getting outside in the sun can help.


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Ed McCusker